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We serve our clients’ dream with our A-to-Z solutions, for them to start or expand their business in the health and beauty industry in the right pathway. You may either come with your product, your formula, your preferred ingredient, or just reach us with passion and choose from our list of readied products.


Comprehensive customer solution,
tailored made to your need:

Product Concept, Formulation & Development

Our precise and professional in-house R&D team selects the highest quality of key active ingredients from various suppliers worldwide to suit our client’s projects.

Our supplier database is having new pages from time to time, including branded ingredients which is gaining more attention in this informative era. Thus, clients have no worries on sourcing reliable ingredients.

Packaging Design

Unique and eye-catching designs compliable with the regulation guidelines, helping clients’ customers to identify exactly what they need. While creating a quality image on the brand, impressive and informative clear labelling details speak the speciality of the product.

Starting the label or packaging design early allow us to ensure the product glow enough, beside having smooth and steady timeline for later process.

Marketing Branding & Positioning

Discover the potential of the product – we see through the product details and discover the most potential of what it can do, thus giving more chances to reach wider target user.

Backed up with reliable read-ups – supported by reliable sources of information, stand tall and be confident on the product.

Product Training

We provide training with interacting detailing aids for our clients to understand the product well, knowing where to place their eyes on, and to which direction should their tentacles reach out to.

Product Registration Service

Our inhouse regulatory consultant will guide our clients, step-by-step, throughout the formulation and labelling details in such ways that it will be compliable with the related rules and regulation.

Halal, Trademark, Import License Applications, etc.

Contact us too if you need some clue about: Trustgate USB Token application, Food Classification, Product registration (MAL), Labelling Compliance, Product Registration Holder Transfer, Indication Certs, Cosmetic notification, HALAL Certification, Company Trademark (® TM), Import License Applications, etc. We are here to help with patience and clear directions.



We love to listen and hope to serve you better. Get in touch with us if you have any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.